As an integrated company, MASSA works with clients to fully understand all aspects of their real estate development needs and identify the right solutions to simplify client’s responsibilities, shorten construction schedule, reduce peak deficit and overall costs, and improve coordination.
From project identification to post completion phase we act in a fiduciary capacity, representing the Owner’s best interest on the project by dealing directly with the consultants and contractors.
With a proud track record of successful developments across the building industry, MASSA handles complexity on the client’s behalf. We offer clients the ability to focus on their daily business, while we manage a wide range of planning activities such as analysis, promotion, engagement, negotiation, decision-making as well as coordination and compliance.

Land Evaluation
Location Assessment
Project Feasibility
Financial Strategy
Cash Flow Projections
Peak Defect Management
Project Structures
Resource Allocation
Project Programming
Quality Control
Appoint Project Consultants
Contract Tendering
Project Creation
Manage Deliverables
Sales And Leasing